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John Halligan
Hi there!
Welcome to Frameless Image Photography!
I am a Tampa Bay area based photographer who was born and raised in Pinellas County. My passion for photography came to light in 2016 when a co-worker returned from vaction with some stunning photos. After practicing and studying (I am self-taught) I decided to start a family portrait business when a friend asked if I could do better than the studio his family went to years earlier. To my surprise, his family was posed exactly as mine was in our last portrait. Yuck!
Frameless Image Photography is my metaphorical name for not producing the same type of image for everyone. That means you are going to have YOUR family photos, and not a replica of Tommy Smiths (name or likeness not of a real person). When we consult, I will get a feel for you and your family, and that will determine the type of energy we will use in your session. I love children, just became a first time grandfather, and have the ability to identify with smaller children on their level (don't be afraid to let your inner child free!).

Portrait sessions with Frameless Image are not shot in a studio (unless specifically requested). My session fee includes my travel expenses (within reason) for locations (parks, homes, beaches, etc..) within the greater Tampa Bay area. While on location we will talk and I will take ideas from you and implement them (they are your photos, you should have an input on what you will hang on your wall!), which is part of how your session will be unique and outside the box, or simply Frameless.

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